Corona Virus in Kenya,a government’s achievement?

You probably have heard the deadly disease with roots from Wuhan China.But the government despite being aware kept flights from those affected countries flowing in and out of the country.Now that the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic,and its slashing some good cash to affected countries to control the flu,they have had to confirmContinue reading “Corona Virus in Kenya,a government’s achievement?”

Home Ownership: Why Optiven’s Kitengela Victory Gardens?

Kitengela is a serene cosmopolitan town in Kajiado Region. In the not so distant past, the pastoralist Maasai slaughtered their cattle there in a group ranch. Afterward, in 1988 the ranch was subdivided among individuals to urge individuals to possess land individually. From that point forward, Kitengela has developed significantly. The hurry for so manyContinue reading “Home Ownership: Why Optiven’s Kitengela Victory Gardens?”

The Ticks of Nairobi (part 1)

If you grew in Nairobi and its immediate skirts you might grasp perfecetly the story of ticks,cattle and farmers.But you probably have noticed those smoothly nourished Masai cows cohabiting with nairobians in several estates,very resilient with Iq wayward from an ordinary freshian in Kiambu waiting to be milked in the afternoon.Yes they are smart,and didContinue reading “The Ticks of Nairobi (part 1)”

The Butterfly Effect Monday

The “Butterfly Effect theory” refers to the concept that even a small change can have disproportionately large effects over time, such as the beating of butterfly wings.Even a tiny change made in one area may reverberate beyond anything we can imagine.  Every choice you ever made has led you to this moment. Image credit: The MindsContinue reading “The Butterfly Effect Monday”

15 interview questions you must learn how to answer

YYou probably ave attended several interviews without a call-back afterwards and you wonder whether you always get everything wrong. Here are 16 common interview questions that you should read through and carefully think about how you’ll answer them. Why are you here? How did you hear about us? What do you know about the company? Why doContinue reading “15 interview questions you must learn how to answer”