Home Ownership: Why Optiven’s Kitengela Victory Gardens?

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Kitengela is a serene cosmopolitan town in Kajiado Region. In the not so distant past, the pastoralist Maasai slaughtered their cattle there in a group ranch. Afterward, in 1988 the ranch was subdivided among individuals to urge individuals to possess land individually. From that point forward, Kitengela has developed significantly. The hurry for so many people to rush and own land there has not eased back down. Generally speaking, discover reasons why Kajiado Province is the spot to watch

Located 30 kilometers south of Nairobi and outskirts Athiriver on the east. This makes it all the more appealing to the Nairobi working and middle class to build homes. In addition to the fact that it is near the city, it is additionally a quiet spot to return home to each night. Financial specialists have not been abandoned as well, enterprises, production lines, banks, schools, colleges have moved to Kitengela.

Financial Institutions Within Kitengela

There are a number of banks in the area such as Equity, Family Bank, Co-op bank, and KCB. KCA University, KAG University, The East African University and Kitengela Institute of Professional Studies are some of the institutes of higher learning that have sprouted over the years. Moreover, Kitengela is an industrial town with major industries.  Kenya Export Processing Zone (EPZ), Athi River Mining, Kenya Meat Commission and East Africa Portland Cement boost the economy. Besides these, there are social amenities as well. Primary and secondary schools, International Schools, supermarkets, hospitals, cybercafés, boutiques as well as petrol stations are readily available in the area.

Kitengela is along fully tarmacked Nairobi – Namanga highway making the town fast and easily accessible

Why Invest with Optiven anyway?

  • We offer plots at a very competitive price with flexible payment terms upon qualification.
  • Out plots have piped clean water, electricity connection, children play area and trees plan,security-caretaker,fencing and identifiable beacons
  • Not to mention, all our plots have genuine and verifiable ready titles.

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