The Butterfly Effect Monday


The “Butterfly Effect theory” refers to the concept that even a small change can have disproportionately large effects over time, such as the beating of butterfly wings.Even a tiny change made in one area may reverberate beyond anything we can imagine.  Every choice you ever made has led you to this moment.

Image credit: The Minds JournalWhat can you take away from this? Pay attention to the small choices you make in life – whether it’s choosing to treat a stranger kindly, respond to a text you might have ignored, or choose a healthy snack over a treat – you never know where they may lead, or how they will accumulate.

“What we do every day is more important than what we do once in a while.” So, make your choices and make them loud. Care about the little things. Follow for more of this motivational articles

Published by Musyoki, Is Mutuku

life is what you make,live it,enjoy it

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