The ”FRIDAY -do not” list

In our time we have focused much on what we must do.Sometimes we realise that there is much that we dont need to do to live a decent life…..

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Do not forget…

…don’t forget what makes us human.

  • Do not forget to dream
  • Do not forget to laugh
  • Do not forget to cry
  • Do not forget what summer vacation feels like
  • Do not forget the child in you

Do not blame…

  • Do not blame the company
  • Do not blame your country
  • Do not blame the weather
  • Do not blame the traffic
  • Do not blame God

…don’t blame others and other things.

Do not ignore…

  • Do not ignore a child’s question
  • Do not ignore the needs of the elderly
  • Do not ignore the loneliness of the infirmed
  • Do not ignore a beautiful sky
  • Do not ignore the value of your smile

…don’t ignore an open hand; an unpainted canvas.

Do not become…

  • Do not become complacent
  • Do not become uncaring
  • Do not become all-important
  • Do not become arrogant
  • Do not become selfish

…don’t become less of you.

Do not say…

  • Do not say, “I didn’t notice you were gone”
  • Do not say, “I hate you”
  • Do not say, “I don’t care”
  • Do not say, “I don’t have time”
  • Do not say, “I don’t have to say ‘I’m sorry’”

…don’t say hurtful things.

Do not miss…

  • Do not miss your child’s school play
  • Do not miss your spouse’s birthday
  • Do not miss a daily prayer of thanks
  • Do not miss wishing someone a great day
  • Do not miss planning your next vacation

…don’t miss today’s opportunities.

Do not overlook…

  • Do not overlook the contributions of those that work with you
  • Do not overlook injustice
  • Do not overlook the need to hug or be hugged
  • Do not overlook the value of your presence
  • Do not overlook the great potential that lies within your heart

…don’t overlook how you can make a difference today.

Whether it be more; whether it be less: your “DO NOT” list enables you and me to discard the unnecessary baggage that holds us back from reaching our true potential, our true calling of serving our families, friends, fellow associates, our communities and our customers each day

Published by Musyoki, Is Mutuku

life is what you make,live it,enjoy it

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